Something in English amidst Lots of Chinese

Okay, so I’ve been wandering about doing a LOT of programming social programming these days and it’s been a very pleasing experience. I’ve met quite a few friends in the OS community and seen a few blogs (namely “George Monkey”`s ). His half-eng-half-chn posts really inspired this post.

Now, back on track. I’ve long known the folks at sourceforge were really supportive, and I have to say I owe all those KnProxy downloads to them and to the huge amount of people who visit freashmeat to get ‘fresh meat’ that is. Anyways, KnProxy is nearing a kiriban of 2222 downloads, something I for one am really looking forward to.

Recently, I’ve been doing much work on the V5 part of KnProxy, though its reception is still debatable with 64 downloads a week (half of that of KnProxy V4), but hey, it’s a new project and it’s way better than when KnP started off. The other day, I came across some disassembled java code (well not necessarily came across) which I needed badly for KnP V5. Running searches on Google proved futile = =…Which was bad, because I had absolutely no clue of what that strange syntax was. (For the record, I now know it was an initialization block in a subclass of a class, but hey, who would have guessed>_<) So, for the first time, I ASKED a question on stackoverflow. I was surprised at the speed the replies were, really, almost instantly. And, in the end, that really did solve my problem. Have to say, the concept of stackoverflow is really great.

Oh, and recently played around with some WP themes, and got positive (and a bit of negative) feedback as well. But, the experience was quite fun, needless to say.

A small ad: KnProxy has just been updated, the bugfixes are really important, so if you aren’t a Chinese user and weren’t discouraged by all those ‘kanji’ and read this post, please remember to upgrade to v4.28!